About us

Krzyś-Mar. Our history

Krzyś-Mar is a company with many years of experience, operating in all Europe and outside its borders. Through many years we gained experience that now allows us to maintain high standards. From the very beginning, we were guided by the idea to improve ourselves in every aspect, to guarantee professionalism and provide goods and services of the highest quality.

The vegetable (and fruit) sale is our foundation. We are a producer ourselves and we have regular producers-suppliers for years. This helps us to maintain consistently high quality. Years of work allowed us to create a network of contacts, thanks to which we cooperate only with approved companies whose operating policies are similar to ours. Professionalism and continued development. We provide fresh vegetables of high quality, continuity of supply, tailoring to the needs of a customer and an efficient transport as well. We offer a wide range of vegetables and fruits available all year long, depending on seasonality in various parts of the world.

We tailor packages to the individual needs of a customer. We rely on technology so we invest in the business. In Krzemionka, we built a manufacturing and storage house with cold rooms, loading ramps, “zero-type” gates and modern equipment for sorting, packing and loading. Our vegetables are stored and transported in optimal conditions, which increases their shelf life and eliminates the risk of various problems (e.g. storage disease).

We have whole and retail outlets of our fruits and vegetables. They are located in commodities exchange in Katowice and Kalisz. We supply warehouses, markets and shops.

Fuel sale and transport services - another facade of Krzyś-Mar

Our assortment includes fuel (coal, fine coal, eco-pea, lignite). We offer an aggregate of 0/31.5 and 0/63 granulation (different granulation possible when specified in an order). Our customers are mainly companies, agricultural producers and gardeners. We can deliver goods weighing from 1 to 24 tonnes. We own a whole and retail outlet of fuel in Stara Kakawa.

Additionally, we render transport services in Poland and the countries of the European Union. We have a well developed logistic base, we hire experienced drivers. This enables us to provide continuity of supply of our products all year long.

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