About Krzyś-Mar

Our company has been present on the market for many years. We operate mainly within Wielkopolskie and Śląskie provinces, but we are open to cooperation with contractors from other regions of Poland as well as with international companies. We deal in retail and wholesale of vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, potatoes … and fruit.

We acquire fruit and vegetables directly from our own production, but we also offer products from our regular Polish suppliers, which ensures their constant availability, quality and freshness.

We excel at the high quality of vegetables, fruit and other items we offer. Each time before sales the goods undergo a quality check. Our aim is to ensure that our customers purchase safe products of known origins. Packaging is fitted individually for every order. We can cool and pack selected products as required and their price is determined by negotiations with the customer.

We are a supplier of wholesale warehouses, shops, markets and more. We treat every customer individually – the final offer is determined by negotiations.

We possess a storage-production hall equipped with cold rooms, loading ramps, “zero” type gates and modern equipment for sorting, packing and loading products. Thanks to this infrastructure we can ensure fast delivery of high quality products. Apart from the hall located in Krzemionka, we have two points of retail and wholesale of fruit and vegetables, at the agricultural markets in Katowice and Kalisz, as well as a point of retail and wholesale of fuel in Stara Kakawa. Our warehouses are guarded and monitored on a 24-hour basis. High quality, safe products and reasonable price are the reasons why we constantly seek new contractors.

We also deal in the trade of fuel.

Our offer includes: coal, fine coal, eco-pellets, lignite. Main recipients of our fuel are individual customers, companies, farmers, gardeners and agricultural producers from whom we purchase goods included in our offer. We also offer aggregate with the flow class of 0/31,5; 0/63 or other upon special order.

  • Thanks to well developed transport base we are able to timely deliver the ordered goods. We ensure delivery all year round. We guarantee the continuity of delivery.
  • We offer transportation directly to customers, depending on their needs we can deliver 1-24 tonnes of goods.
  • Thanks to the wider range of our offer and our extensive experience supported by systematically improved qualifications regarding the needs of our contractors our company is developing quickly and dynamically.